Do not Relocate hundreds Homeless from Santa Ana River to Laguna Niguel to live in tents!

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I have lived in Laguna NIguel for 30 years. As a real estate Broker I can tell you that if you move hundreds of homeless people that were or are living in tents on the Santa Ana River to Laguna Niguel next to the nursery school and elementary school it will bring crime, drugs create an environmental hazard due to sanitation problems and endanger our children and the community. This site is not suitable. It will also destroy the businesses in the town center.  It will immediately reduce the property values across the board by 20%. Who would choose to buy and move here?  Look at this picture and article from Orange County Register.  and other photos of how they were living along the Santa Ana River with makeshift tents, plywood, pallets, pets with no sanatation and drug paraphernalia like discarded syringes and debris strewn all over the place. Many stolen bikes were also there.  

Please sign this petition and it will be delivered to the decision makers. Destroying our city is not the way to address this problem. The proposed location in Laguna Niguel for a tent city will result in billions of dollars in losses to the residences and destroy the city. These losses will be in the form of lost revenue to businesses, the city, loss of jobs for local businesses and loss of equity from our property values.  

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