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We need a San Tan Valley Fire District NOW...... San Tan Valley Residents Please Sign.....

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Currently there is over 100,000 citizens living in San Tan Valley.  The current paid fire service we are provided with charges anywhere between $500-$1000 per year for services.  Rural Metro currently has only three to six fire trucks to cover our 100,000 residents. They have no contract with Pinal County and have no obligation to help the county if there is a county wide disaster.  Most city  like Sun City which is a little over 100,000 residents have over 20 trucks an nine stations to cover its district.  Here is an example if there was a house fire in San Tan Heights, a fully involved fire.  Two trucks with four men would respond then they would have to either call for a truck their house on Ganzel Rd or from the Copper Basin house.  If they are out on calls they would have to call Queen Creek to have a truck respond.  Pretty much to protect life and property are out the window.  A County fire district system will increase more vehicle to respond and additional personal to control situations quickly.  And the cost per year would be CUT IN HALF.  Better service for less money..... We also can collect reimbursement from insurance carriers.  What a concept.   We can also provide EMS services that if a person does not have insurance it will would be FREE.  WOW how is that possible it is being done all over the country. 

Profit making company care about profit not you.  There shareholders come first not your safety or you property.  Please do not get me wrong the Firefighter are great men and woman.... but they work for a company who gouges prices and put them in danger when responding to an alarm with not enough personnel. 

Some people say lets incorporate.  It will take years to start, we need this service NOW. 

How will this be done? 

It could be done two ways.

Start a Non for Profit Fire Department with funds coming from the tax payers.  A Volunteer/Paid System. The community will elect a Board of Fire Commissioners.  This is not a paid position, there job is to set up a budget with the Department Officers to establish how much money will be collected from taxpayers.  The only twist that is different then other departments in the US.  The taxpayers will vote on the budget.  That's right you the people will make sure they are spending your money correctly.  This budget will have to have paid positions in it but not too many.  They have to be in official capacity to deal with the county and state.  Most of these position are already in place in Pinal County and we are paying for them right now. Just remember YOU vote on the budget.....

The second way is a County run Fire District like LA County in Califorina, which was started back in the 70's.  Still going today.  County would establish all positions.  Board of Supervisors would control the budget.

The Non For Profit Volunteer/Paid  Fire District have been around over 200 years and are still being used today thru out the country.  It is part of their community and brings pride to residents.  And also it is pretty CHEAP. 

Please sign this petition, we do not need to wait, lets get the coverage we deserve. WE NEED 20,000 signatures......


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