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Mitigate the impact of a recycling center at 10th and Harrison Streets

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Other San Francisco Supervisors have worked to close recycling centers in their own districts in San Francisco as a result of complaints by neighbors who have been negatively impacted by the litter, noise, crime, and safety problems so often associated with these operations.

Supervisor Jane Kim's office has come out in support of a new recycling center now in the works at 10th and Harrison Streets. The lot has already been the subject of numerous complaints regarding construction without a permit, yet staff in Supervisor Kim's office describe the recycling center as "a good neighbor", who will be "employing local San Franciscans". Unfortunately, this position ignores the legitimate concerns of many local businesses and residents, and brushes past the experience of other residents who've had to endure the burden other recycling centers can place on local neighborhoods.

* The corner at 10th and Harrison streets is already chaotic with cars trying to park at Costco, and there is a constant flow of traffic through that intersection at all hours of the day leading to the Bay Bridge and highways 101 and 280. A recycling center at this corner will create a bottleneck for vehicular traffic due to the increase of pedestrians crossing the street, and trucks, cars, and shopping carts lining up up to drop off their cargo.  The intersection will be an even larger hazard for everyone if the city fails to implement measures to address the obvious problems at this corner.  

*Local residents have significant concerns regarding the lack of restroom facilities in the neighborhood. An influx of people bringing in bottles and cans with no public restroom facilities means the neighbors will suffer the burden of urination and defecation on our streets and sidewalks.  

*Broken glass and garbage are already left on the sidewalks in the neigborhood for days, sanitation probems will only become worse without a coordinated plan involving both the city and the recycling center to address these problems.   Abandoned shopping carts and stolen recycling containers will accumulate on this corner and throughout the neighborhood without a plan to address this.  

*Crime is an ongoing problem in the neighborhood, the situation will only become worse with an influx of poeple looking for quick cash. How does the city plan to deal with this?  

Please support this petition by local SOMA neighbors who do not want to see their neighborhood become a dumping ground for problems the city is unwilling to solve.  


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