Australian Owned Filter for Online Shopping

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A petition for Supermarkets to Clearly have a search filter for AUSTRALIAN OWNED products.

I would like to see a search facility when using the 'on line' shopping service to have an option that can clearly show 'AUSTRALIAN OWNED' products.

Shopping on-line I'm able to search and filter many options, but currently not Australian Owned.

Some examples of the search filters are: Free Range, GMO free, Halal, Hormone Free, Kosher, Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Additive free, barley free, caffeine free, cereal free, cholesterol free, dairy free, egg free, fat free, fish free, gluten free, hazelnut free, lactose free, MSG free, milk free, nut free, oats free, peanut free, rye free, soy free, sugar free, sulphite free, tree nut free, wheat free, yeast free, etc.

As a consumer buying Australian Owned products is very important to me as I'm sure many others and I would appreciate for change to occur so when I search for items on-line whilst shopping I can clearly see if the product is Australian Owned.