Supermarkets! #CutThePlastic

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We are a youth group in Sri Lanka of children aged 8-18yrs and we are very concerned about our environment. We have been noticing how many plastic bags are being handed out in the supermarkets (not to mention the plastic packaging).

The amount of single use plastic that we are using (not just in supermarkets) is out of control and also avoidable, and here's why we need to make a change:

  • By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.
  • Plastic NEVER bio-degrades, even when we think it is gone it has actually become micro particles that are in our water, out at sea and even in the food we eat.
  • Plastic is killing the wildlife in the Oceans and we would still like to see turtles and fish when we are adults.
  • The toxins from the process of making plastic contributes to global warming.

This really frightens us and we believe that we must make a change, so we have decided to initiate this petition that aims to get rid of or at least charge a fair amount for consumers using plastic bags (for vegetables and to take shopping home). It would be much appreciated if you and your friends could sign this petition. You would be doing our generation, the next generation and many generations to come, a gigantic favour and  it is simple to make this change and here is what we hope to achieve:

  • In the fruit and vegetable area the Supermarkets can offer reusable bags or CHARGE FOR PLASTIC or simply not offer anything and consumers can bring their own cloth bags and have the stickers placed on that.
  • In the meat, fish and poultry counter the supermarkets can encourage consumers to bring their own re-usable containers or CHARGE FOR PLASTIC
  • At the checkout counters supermarkets can encourage the use of reusable bags or CHARGE FOR PLASTIC

As a next step, once we get enough signatures we intend to try and meet with the CEOs of the Supermarkets to present our proposals.

Wish us luck and thank you for supporting us and your planet. 

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