Digital delivery of shopping receipts in supermarkets

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I've lost count of the number of receipts I've thrown in the bin. I suspect the number is well into the thousands. 

I stopped going through the self-service check out because I was never given the option to say no to a receipt. And I started waiting in lines so that I could decline the shop assistants offer to print me a receipt. 

I thought that my no to the receipt actually meant no receipt. Turns out that I was wrong. Very wrong. 

It seems that supermarkets only stance on receipts is to print them. 

And it makes no sense. Most receipts that are born in supermarkets, also die there.  

This petition is about cutting down on the production of unnecessary waste.

It's about consumers being able to say no to having a receipt printed and having the option for it to be emailed out to them. 

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