Release the Hamilton man who defended his home against an intruder!

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This petition is to urge the release and appeal of 66 year old Hamilton man George Harbottle who in July 2017 was arrested and convicted on April 6th, 2018 for defending his home, his family, and himself! On a late quiet evening, a 24 year old man attempted to commit a break and enter into Harbottle's home. Harbottle grabbed his son's firearm (who lived at the house during this time) and warned the intruder that he was armed and would shoot! The intruder did not listen and Mr. Harbottle opened fire. As soon as Emergency Services arrived at the scene, Harbottle exited his house, raised both of his hands in surrender and confessed that he was the shooter. He was then arrested. His criminal conviction of 30 days incarceration and a $1,000.00 fine in addition to being prohibited from having or owning any firearms and had to provide a DNA sample is simply unjust! We should have the freedoms and the choice to protect our own against people who wish us harm! Our Police are known to slack off, break the laws, and not do what is right! The faith in our police officers have dwindled down over the years and there are many of us who don't have the faith we once had in our Law Enforcement. When police do this act or other acts it is okay and they get a slap on the wrist with full work pay and benefits while us citizens get slammed! He is not a risk to the General Public. He was simply protecting what was or is his. It is not fair for us in these types of situations to do nothing besides call 911 as the criminal could do us serious harm when that can be avoided. He did not kill the young man. He only disabled him and called 911 immediately after. Let's call for his sentencing to be reversed, all charges be dropped, his DNA sample destroyed, the fine dismissed, and his Criminal Record exponged! Let us sign this petition and also let us tell the Courts and the Police that we will not stand-by and allow this man to be persecuted!