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Superior Court of Arizona Maricopa County Understand our situation and keep my family together

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I ask you take the time to understand our situation and give your support by signing this petition.  Not in the right state of mind, Tiziano (Tim) has made some poor decisions.  He takes full responsibility and has suffered severe consequences because of his actions, but he does not deserve to be behind bars and away from his family who love and need him.  Please sign this petition requesting the courts to have a heart and undestand that Tim has been punished.  After our home was searched without permission and without a warrant all of the saved money Tim worked hard was taken, our vehicle was impounded and still is, and we were forced out of our home.  Our lives were changed dramatically.  Court and lawyer fees make it almost impossible to even buy groceries most of the time.  Tim's son has had to leave a great school where he felt comfortable becuase our the landlord was harassed daily by the police to evict us, which eventually he did.  Life has been quite the struggle for us this year.

On January 15, Tim found his best friend after putting a gun to his head and pulling the trigger.  He found him with his head half blown off and his eyes wide open looking right at him.  Tim could not get this image of Patrick out of his and had a hard time excepting he was gone.  Tim numbed his pain by taking Xanax and soon after became addicted.  Xanax made him fearless, careless, and mean.  It made him not have good judgement and effected his memory so much he could not even remember day to day events.  He made a few mistakes that he is now facing charges for.  Everything was taken from us and Tim would do anything to provide for his family, even if that meant stealing.  Not in the right mind that is exactly what Tim did, he felt he had no other choice at that time.
Tim Pasquale has always been a honest, hard working, loving and helpful individual. So many people look up to him and have the up most respect for him. He is also incredibly talented and knowledgeable in automotive repairs, computers, and anything electronic. With his knowledge he is going to go far in life and do wonderful things. I would hate to see it all go to waist by locking him up behind bars.
He takes full responsibility for his actions and is now on a straight path and never wants to see another Xanax pill for as long as he lives. He has learned how to cope with the loss of Patrick and the vision of his suicide through counseling.
I finally got my fiance back! I pray everyday that he won't be taken from me, but most importantly his two kids. His kids completely depend on him and they have such a hard time even being away from him for even a day. His son and I will have no where to turn to. I still have another year of school before I graduate and I depend on him for all my needs and TJ, his son, has never been away from him and his whole world is daddy. If Tim is locked up I would loose my whole family and have nowhere to go, not even family of my own to turn to. My parents passed away and the last of my family consists of my brother, who is handicap.
Please be understanding of our situation and sign my petition. Tim knows what he did was wrong, but have we not been punished enough? Please keep my fiance from being locked up and request another way to make him accountable for his mistakes that does not split our family apart.

Thank you for your time,


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