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Keep Patrick with Dr. and Mrs. Scavelli

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Patrick was once a starved and abused pit bull. When his weakened and starved body gave out, he was put in a garbage bag and thrown down 19 flights to the garbage dump. Lucky for Patrick, the building maintenance person who found him perceived a slight movement inside the garbage bag. He went to investigate and was horrified to see a starved dog that seemed to be lifeless, but for his eyes. It was in this moribund dog’s eyes that the maintenance person saw that there was a bit of life pleading for mercy. So, he called the proper authorities to save him. Patrick was sent to Garden State Veterinary Services (GSVS), a 24-hour veterinary hospital and teaching school equipped in providing the proper care needed to bring this beautiful young pit bull puppy to back to a healthy life. Throughout his hospital stay, Patrick’s expressive eyes captivated the world. The world fell in love with him, and everybody wanted to adopt him.

Under GSVS’s care, Patrick flourished and fell in love. He fell in love with his caretakers and they fell in love with him. The public witnessed the love blossoming. There was no doubt that Patrick and Dr. and Mrs. Scavelli (the owners of GSVS) had found each other. When Patrick was ready to be discharged from the hospital, he went to live with the Scavellis. With the Scavellis, besides gaining his proper weight, Patrick learned to love and trust, not only human beings but another canine companion. At this point, to take Patrick away from the loving home he found is to once again abuse him. It would be abusing his heart, his trust, and his well-being. So, we, the undersigned, do hereby request that Superior Court NJ. Essex County and AHS consider letting Patrick live with the only family he knows and that loves him back.

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