Stop Hollister Ranch Coastal Access Sellout

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We, the people of California and the U.S., do not approve of the giveaway of our coast to the rich and powerful!

The California Coastal Commission is attempting to give away access to the coast off of Hollister Ranch, in Santa Barbara county.  This is not acceptable.  Just because rich celebrities own the neighboring land (James Cameron, Jackson Browne, and more) does not mean they are allowed to make the nearby beach private.  The California Coastal Act guarantees that all beaches in California are owned by the public at large.   They must be available to the public.  The rich and powerful are not allowed to block access or restrict it.  Easements must be granted. 

The Hollister Ranch Homeowners Association has fought to prevent access since the 1980's.  They have hired guards and bullied people attempting to access the coast that is their right to use (as Californians).   Now they have convinced the California Coastal Commission to settle, because they will allow people to use "their beach" if they paddle more than 2 miles in, are on guided tours, or come in on soft bottom boats.  

They do not get to make such demands.  These lands are public, and they must make them so.  The California Coastal Commission is supposed to protect the California Coast for all.

This is not a settlement.  It is a sell-out. 

In California, we all have ownership of our state treasures.  The size of your bank account, or the fame of your name should not buy special privileges.

The Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Colleen Stern has wisely realized that this agreement affects the public.  She wants public feedback.  Let us tell her that we, as Californians, do not give our consent, and neither should she.

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