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Remove the admin staff at Challenger MS in Glendale AZ

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Multiple family have and continue to have issues at Challenger Middle School here in Glendale, AZ. The administrative staff have been picking and choosing who gets punished and how. A student was able to punch my son in the jaw, in front of a teacher and an office staff member and all that was told to that student was to separate from my son and to leave him alone. Yet the next day, my son defends himself against that same student and that is when both students got punished. And although my son was defending himself from the student that had assaulted him the day before as well as that day, it was deemed a mutual combat situation, so my son was also punished for the same amount of time. My family is not the only one that has been dealing with these kinds of issues, and for some, it has been so bad that the student has either missed most of the school year(and gotten punished for it) or have chosen to leave the school because it is not a safe environment. This is the only school in the area that has this many issues. It's time for us to take our school back and make sure our children are learning.

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