Placing Order in Our School District

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Port Washington highschool of Wisconsin has undergone a series of unacceptable and outrageous policy's. With the new fad of "juuling" the school has decided to abandon all rights to a student and causing frequent searches of random students for any suspicion like simply going to the bathroom. The principle of this highschool Eric Burke has also decided to make this a top priority for our school, above problems like education, failing students, mental health and bullying. The teachers and staff have also discriminated against students with learning disabilities and race and not being afraid to show it, but still wanting respect in return. The school has also racially profiled people, like Jamari Ungewitter who was falsely imprisoned after a school threat was made, being an African American from a low income family they immediately accused him, sending his life into a spiral causing him to become a drop out, potentially ruining his chances at pursuing his life. This is not what school is supposed to be focused and and drove upon, and I believe this system needs to be fixed to help future students and make them feel safer.