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Remove Sexual Misconduct Claim From 14 Year Old Model Students School Record

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Fourteen-year-old Paris High student Ashjwanae Mickens is a model student. Quiet and shy, she makes excellent grades, and has never been in any trouble at school. She was a member of Blazettes and even worked to earn money for dance classes so she could be the best Blazette she could be. She is also a member of the student council and well liked by her teachers and peers.

Ashjwanae was enjoying her freshman year at school when an innocent statement she made to a friend was suddenly turned into something bizarre and sexualized by a coach and principal.

Ashjwanae’s grandmother Sharon Hearn said that on January 22, 2018 around 10:45 she received a call from Paris High Principal Chris Vaughn telling her that she needed to come to the school. Hearn said that when she got there, Vaughn accused Ashjwanae of sexual misconduct toward Coach Billy Barefield. Vaughn claimed that Barefield said he heard Ashjwanae say that he had a “squishy booty.” Hearn also stated that Ashjwanae was called to the office and when she denied saying Barefield had a “squishy booty” Vaughn yelled at her and called her a liar as Ashjwanae sat crying.

Ashjwanae told The Paris Texas Chronicle that on January 22, 2018 she was standing and talking to friends before class started. She said she joked to one friend that she wished her booty was shaped like the booty of a male student and that his booty looks squishy. (Name of student withheld by The Paris Texas Chronicle.) Ashjwanae said that she stood talking with other students until the bell rang and then she went to class. Ashjwane said of Barefield, “I don’t even know him. I’ve never been in any of his classes.” She said that after she found out what the coach had accused her of she attempted to talk to him to let him know that she was not referring to him when she was talking to her friends. She said that Barefield ignored what she said and responded, “Well you were talking loud.”

The principal gave Ashjwanae five days campus suspension, removed her from Blazettes and placed in her school file a claim of sexual misconduct. She is not allowed to attend the Blazette banquet, which she had been looking forward to. It’s not clear whether or not she will be removed from student council. According to Vaughn, the incident is very serious. At a meeting Vaughn stated, “Coach Barefield said he was very disturbed by this.” Vaughn said he was being very lenient because the offense is so serious that he could have placed Ashjwanae in alternative school. It's common practice and common sense that if a student misbehaves in the presence of a teacher, the teacher will immediately either reprimand the student or send them to the principal's office. In this case, Barefield said nothing to Ashjwanae when the alleged incident occurred, and waited an hour or so later, questioned other students to find out Ashjwanae's name, and then emailed Vaughn asking to meet with him about a student making an inappropriate comment.

All who know her including teachers say this is not in Ashjwanaes character. A sexual misconduct claim should not be a part of this students school file and she should not be treated as if shes a sex offender. Please sign this petition.

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