SD-61 conduct a fair consultation process for catchment boundaries change

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We are calling for the School District Boundary review and consultation process to be conducted in a fair and proper manner.

This request includes:

  1. Pausing the current process, and restarting it with an objective 3rd party
  2. A new survey that includes a clear question about primary schools of choice (missing from 2018's survey)
  3. Non-Biased survey questions developed by the objective 3rd party 
  4. Longer consultation periods with school communities that are significantly affected
  5. Multiple proposals brought to the Trustee board for an effective deliberation

This consultation process has been rushed and should be reconsidered and run properly by a 3rd-party organization. The school communities of South Park Family, Cloverdale Traditional and Victor (who are all significantly affected by this change) were not visited nor consulted prior to the proposal.

Our school communities turned up in strong numbers to a recent consultation meeting only to be disappointed in the lack of engagement from the School District to respond to questions about the proposal to close down their schools in the way that they currently operate.

We ask for this process to be re-run by a non-biased 3rd-party as the ripple effect to this current proposal needs to be carefully deliberated and have could have significant consequences due to inadequate time allowed and/or a lack of proper considerations.