Punish police for torture & murder of Muslim man within Parappana Agrahara prison, B'lore

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Brutally beaten in Parappa Agrahara prison, young Muslim man dies

We are a group of concerned citizens in Bangalore comprising lawyers, doctors, human rights activists and journalists who are deeply concerned about the brutal assault and death of 21 year old Sayeed Feroz  at the Parappana Agrahara Bengaluru Central prison.

On 08.01.2018, Sayeed Feroz @ Feroz a resident of DJ Halli Bengaluru was arrested along with Akram Pasha by the DJ  Halli PS for allegedly possessing 300 gms of ganja substance not worth more than Rs4,000/- under section 20B of Narcotics Drug and Psychotropic Substance Act  and an FIR came to be registered in Crime number 009/18. The police personnel produced both the accused before the Jurisdictional Magistrate and from there they were remanded to Judicial Custody.

Sayed Feroz @ Feroz and Akram Pasha were awaiting trial for more than a year as the jurisdictional police had not yet filed a charge sheet. It is of concern that Sayeed Feroz and Akram Pasha have been languishing in prison for more than a year inspite of the punishment for possession of 300 gm of ganja not being more than six months.

Ten days prior to his death, Syed Fairoz was brutally beaten up by five police officials, who he has named, within the Parappana Agrahara prison. He has sustained grievous injuries as evidenced by photographs which show multiple contusions and abrasions over his lower limbs. Inspite of several requests for help he was only given painkillers and oral antibiotics. He subsequently developed gangrene which led to sepsis and multi-organ failure, as evidenced by the autopsy report. Why was this young man denied urgent medical care when he had all indications of having a serious condition?

The evidence shows that Fairoz sustained grievous blunt injuries within the prison, in the week prior to his death. Why has this not been investigated and why was there a rush to bury his body?     Why has an FIR not been filed till date inspite of obvious evidence of grievous life threatening injuries?

It is well known from statistics that Dalit and Muslim men are disproportionately incarcerated as under trials without any recourse to a fair and speedy trial (National Criminal Records Bureau data, 2015). His violent death and the subsequent efforts to conceal police brutality are distressing for us as concerned citizens.

We demand a full and fair enquiry into this unlawful death.

We demand that an FIR be urgently registered under section 302 IPC and all the prison authorities including the medical officials face prompt legal action for the murder of Sayed Feroz @ Feroz.

We also demand that all checks are put into place to ensure that these brutal incidents by prison authorities do not recur.