Parents are "hostages" of their own children; schools must reopen.

Parents are "hostages" of their own children; schools must reopen.

September 3, 2020
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Started by Sabrina P.

Dear parents, does it sound familiar to you? I have a 7 years old child in distress, he has great difficulties with virtual learning; he refuses to seat and to stay in front of the screen, he refuses to do the on-line lessons, homework, he refuses to read, and he refuses to write. He's not stimulated by a virtual learning environment, thus he's far behind on his academic performance, and I can't teach to a child who's refusing to learn. He just wants to go back to in-person school. My son told me: "mom, I'm really frustrated, I hate this on-line school, I want to go back to the real school, and I can't take it anymore of this staying home, I'm bored"

Dear Superintendent Carvalho, during this unprecedented time, parents are “hostages” of their own children and forced to become educational coaches. These first couples of days of remote schooling, made most of us understand that a parent cannot have a job until schools reopen; not too long ago, we used to drop off our children to school, and go to work, today, many of us have no income, and we are kept home by the decision made by the County. In brief, I want to explain to you our struggle: school close means that no parents are able to go to work; have you ever thought that single parents cannot afford to stay home? By talking to people, I’ve got to know, sadly, that many minors are left home unsupervised; parents stress-level is rising and children are more and more victim of abuse, neglect, and maltreatment, also because 90% of the abuses, neglect, and maltreatment are reported by teachers.

Most of the children in my son's class are never connected to virtual learning, not once. Where are all these kids?  

How come teachers do not want to go back to teach in person? What about if hospitals are close down because doctors and nurses are refusing to go back to work? Isn’t too extreme to keep our schools close? The well-being and the economic well-being of parents are affected to a point of no return, (at least for medium- and low-income families) the consequences of school deprivation for children's mental health and educational progress are devastating. Our children cannot take it anymore. 

Superintendent Carvalho, please explain to me why schools are still close if: As of September 2nd, cases of COVID 19 are going down for the 14th consecutive days in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County. As of today September 3rd, the daily positivity rate is 5.3% for the 15th consecutive day of a goal of 10% as stated on Miami Dade's New Normal Dashboard, and a requirement necessary to school reopen, as you, dear Superintendent  have declared in your video the week before virtual learning restarted. Also, as of Monday, August 31st, Miami-Dade allowed indoor dining and casinos to reopen.

Still, schools are remaining closed. WHY?

Superintendent Carvalho, it would a good idea to follow the European model where schools are open (below a very simple list of action's plan you may be already familiar with):

·         all school personal are tested before the scholastic year begins

·         the school will be close for 14 days ONLY IF a school personal or child became infected, but reopens immediately after

·         children will use masks

·          teachers will use masks

·         sanitation

·          lunch consumed in class

·         staggered entry and exit hours of the school classes permit a safe entry.

No such a thing as keeping children out of school.

This virtual learning is detrimental to the whole family. The stimulating environment of an in-person class, cannot be replaced by a computer.  The in-class children's jokes and laughter, seeing each other, and play only enhance the learning process, especially for the little ones. Moreover, I'm not a teacher, and I don't want to be a home teacher, I've been forced too.

I tremendously care about school reopen because my son and many other children are struggling with virtual learning insanity. The American educational system failed them. Who should a parent hold responsible for the distress caused to their children? Who should a parent hold responsible for preventing a mom and a dad to find work to support his/her family?

Here my petition letter to you, a simple letter that speaks out for almost 100 people, 100 families, and their children, who are asking you to reopen our public schools, because children are suffering and parents are struggling, after all, believing that a child age 5, 6, 7, 8 during his/her prime years is an independent learner, it is simply absurd. 

If police, firefighters, nurses, and doctors are all essential workers, don't you think teachers should be too? Education is an essential part of our being, been deprived of it, society as whole is suffering.

Please don't lose our battle against the Teacher's Union, we families have trust in you; we are confident that you will be determine to fight for our children and their parents. 


The Petitioners 


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Signatures: 94Next Goal: 100
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