Help Us Keep our Teachers

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Through these signatures, we are hoping to demonstrate and draw attention to an issue that has arisen within our school. Throughout our years of high school, our teachers have left an incredible and lasting impact on our lives and have contributed a vital part in the integrity of our school and the quality of education we have received. We have learned that Mr. Edmonson, one of our educators, is being relocated to another school. This decision was made without discussion with the students, teachers and families in the school who are the people that will most be affected. Mr. Edmonson teaches his students with passion and dedication. He taught us the importance of learning and questioning the limits of the world. Even those who dislike school, find a purpose and connection to the field of science when they step inside his classroom. He helps us as students learn to take what we learn in his class outside the classroom and make a positive impact on the outside world. He is always there when you need his help, whether it’s class related or someone to talk to. He is a teacher who has taught not with the goal for us to just pass the exam, but to learn the material and understand it.  In his class he has given us the opportunity to expand our minds and learn in diverse ways that are effective and work for every individual student.

We understand that there is has been a call for our school to downsize the staff but when we think of the tremendous effect Mr. Edmonson has on our lives, we are pleading for you to reconsider. We are calling out to those who do not want to lose such a passionate teacher and hoping that you can show us your support by signing this. We thank you for your courage to stand up for what is right, and helping us do the same.