Allow Wesley Green to walk at Allen High School graduation ceremony

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"Freedom has been violated. A young boy's dream of walking graduation are shattered to teach "respect". Outrageous. Let him walk! #FreeWesley"

On Tuesday, May 17th Allen High School in Allen, Texas had its top 10% awards ceremony for its senior class. Upon his turn, Wesley Green received his award and, with his wheeled Heely shoes, "heelyed" across the stage in triumphant fashion. Wesley Green has always been a good student in school, both in academics and citizenship. At the awards ceremony, he was recognized not only for his rank in the 10% of this graduating class, but also as a National Merit Commended Scholar. Furthermore, Wesley is well-behaved; he had never gotten in trouble at school until this incident. Lo and behold, he was informed the next day that he would not be allowed to walk in the senior graduation ceremony on June 3rd. This is an outrage. Just because the principal's feelings were hurt, it doesn't give him the right to deny someone an opportunity of a lifetime and bring dishonor to his family.

First of all, although it might have been implied, there was no explicit rule against using Heely shoes, the notable brand of shoes that has wheels on the heels, at the awards ceremony.

Moreover, many mischievous individuals have done way worse things than Wesley did during their time at Allen High School, and they are still able to walk at graduation. For example, back in 2014, a student pulled the fire alarm at Allen High on purpose in order to get everyone outside the campus and watch 4 fights. Upon hearing that Wesley's right to walk in graduation was denied, the student who pulled the fire alarm personally expressed his outrage, saying, "I have done way worse stuff at Allen high school and I still get to walk #FreeWesley."

Most seniors and lowerclassmen at Allen HS extend their support to Wesley. Once again, the principal who denied Wesley his right because his feelings were hurt should act in a true professional fashion. He does not realize the extent of the unpopularity of his decision, both among students and their parents. Please help us #FreeWesley and ensure that the decision to prohibit Wesley from walking in the Allen High School senior graduation ceremony is overturned. Thank you all very much! With the help of God, and many moral individuals, we can make this work!

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