Sibling enrollment status for the Children of Teachers and Staff of Davis Magnet School

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Petition for the Sibling Enrollment Status for the Children of Davis Magnet School Teachers and Staff Living in the District.
     We are parents in the Newport Mesa School District, and we were fortunate to get into Davis Magnet School through the lottery drawing. We are petitioning for the children of  Davis teachers and staff living in the Newport Mesa School district to receive priority placement as siblings do, in the lottery system for enrollment.
Our teachers and staff are amazing and go above and beyond in their commitment to our children, whether it be in the classroom, or through outstanding after school
programs, such as art or robotics. The teachers at Davis are committed, and strive to create the best learning environment possible for their students. Our children spend most of their waking hours under the guidance of our outstanding educators. As parents and volunteers at Davis, we try every day to assist our teachers and staff so that our children can benefit from all the educational enrichment they provide. They don't clock in and out with the bell schedule, and often stay hours after we have all taken our children home.
    Because of this, it's imperative that, when possible, they have their children on campus and don't have to rush out when the bell rings to pick up their children from another campus. If a teacher is running an after school program, and has to leave right at 3 pm to pick up their child at another school, they will no longer be able to run their after school program. As a result, our children will miss out on after school enrichment opportunities.
   NMUSD policies support keeping families together at school sites when possible to ensure a cohesive educational experience. Giving family members of teachers and staff the same priority as siblings is in alignment with these policies. It is a disservice to those who directly impact our children's education not to allow them this privilege.
   We want Davis to be a school where our teachers and staff are so invested and
dedicated, that they choose to enroll their own children here. This will yield a positive impact for the Davis educational community as a whole. Please help show your support by signing our petition.