Bring Coach Todaro back to Hutch Tech Football as Head Coach

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I go to City Honors School, but I have been a member of Hutch Tech football for 3 years, currently entering my senior year. Going into my senior year and hearing that my coach has been forced out of his position by a coach that knows nothing about our team is devastating. Thanks to coach Todaro's help the team has been come more of a family then I have ever felt before and we have finally built up momentum to make a deep playoff run. Coach Todaro is more than just a coach to this football team, he is a father to us all. The amount of hard work that this team has spent preparing for this year is something I have never seen out of Hutch Tech Football. Coach Todaro has truly changed the culture of the organization to the point where players from other schools are looking to play under his guidance. I have never played under a coach so knowledgeable and proficient. The distance that us players will go for coach Todaro is endless because he has changed the way we view the sport. Before Todaro I cannot say that teamwork was the main focus of any of the players in a Hutch Tech locker room, now teamwork is the only talk. Every player wakes up early to work out with teammates and discuss film. No matter what player you ask on our football team Todaro is the man that the players and the parents want coaching. Recently another candidate has emerged trying to take the head coach position from coach Todaro,who more than deserves it. Players, parents, and fans have voiced hundreds of complaints to the athletic directer, Aubrey Lloyd, and Buffalo Board of Education members, those complaints have gone unanswered. Regardless of what us people that are affected by the situation feel and have voiced dramatically, the people in charge have offered zero answers and zero care to our pleas. It makes it even worse that even through the winter this team has not taken a break, striving to learn and master everything that Tdoaro has to teach and makeing sure that we are in peak physical condition to fill our roles on this team. Handing us a new coach just weeks before our first game is unfair and unjust. It is negatively affecting the team already and we haven't started practicing yet. Almost 25% has pledged not to play under this new coach, even though Coach Todaro insist that we do. Players have quit and arguments among team members have broken out. Ripping Coach Todaro away from this team is just as cruel as ripping a father from his family. This new head coach wants to coach this team strictly for his own benefit and has made it clear of that. He does not care about the development of us as football players, and he does not care about the development of us as men. Please help voice the fact that Hutch Tech Football wants Nick Todaro as Head Coach!!