Letter and petition for the renewal of Kevin Burke

Letter and petition for the renewal of Kevin Burke

43 have signed. Let’s get to 50!
Petition to
Superintendent Kinsella & the PVRSD School Committee

Why this petition matters

Started by Tracy Derrig

We have signed our names to this petition as an urgent request that you reconsider your decision not to renew the contract for PVRS Principal, Kevin Burke. Last week's announcement took us very much by surprise. Mr. Burke informed us that it was not his choice or desire to leave his position. We appreciate that transparency and value his integrity. No one amongst us was asked for their insight or opinion, so we respectfully offer you some thoughts now:

  • Collectively we believe the needs of both our school system and its communities will be better met with consistency in leadership, and under the guidance of someone we believe in.
  • Instability and turnover in administrative leadership, which we have weathered for decades, has undermined and depleted the efforts and energies of everyone working and learning in our District.
  • Teaching and Learning are life-long endeavors fostered by collaborative teamwork, and a willingness to work with others, even when difficult. Constant replacement and revisioning have been detrimental to this District.
  • Our staff, students and families feel rudderless, irrelevant, and as though our opinions are of no importance to those in charge of our schools’ and our shared investment in them when autonomous decisions are made.
  • We feel strongly that Kevin is a true and committed leader, something that PVRS desperately needs. He has been a dedicated cheerleader for PVRS, during difficult times. 
  • Kevin has helped rebuild morale and confidence amongst our veteran staff members, and guided a constant stream of new hires through their most trying first years. 
  • His appreciation and investment in our School Wide Goals is evident in all he does. 
  • Mr. Burke has demonstrated flexibility, creativity and effective leadership during a period of tremendous transition and upheaval in our District, often under great pressure and time constraints.
  • Kevin is deeply invested in our mission for sustainability, heterogeneity and authentic learning. He deserves to see the related initiatives and efforts that have been spearheaded in the past three years hopefully come to fruition. 
  • Most importantly, Kevin has made our staff and our students feel supported, safe, and welcome, always. 

Kevin is our choice to bring us through the challenges still ahead of our District. We sincerely and respectfully ask that you reconsider and renew his contract as our Principal for another three years.  

Thank you from the undersigned members of the PVRSD community:

43 have signed. Let’s get to 50!