Save Bruin Buddies

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After the 2018-2019 school year Barlow High School will no longer offer Child Development as an elective for its students.  The program is set to be completely eliminated as Barlow undergoes major renovations.  

As a mother to a child who is currently in the Bruin Buddies program and a former student of Barlow High School who took Child Development as an elective, I feel very strongly that this program should not be eliminated and should remain an elective for future Barlow High School students.  

This program is in no way failing, there has always been a consistent number of students who desire to take the course and there has always been a waiting list for preschool students whose parents intend to enroll them.  Early Childhood Development is a vital course, designed to be taken by those who wish to pursue a career with children.  If this course is eliminated, many high school students will be affected by losing the opportunity to work one and one with children in their community.  Families who plan to enroll their young children in the program will be affected by no longer having the option to have their children attend a affordable, successful and highly recommended preschool.

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