Change Racist Names of Seattle Schools

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Seattle Public Schools is the largest school district in Washington State. Seattle Public Schools has 113 schools. 

12 of these schools are named after individuals who were racist and persecuted non-white Americans, including Native Americans and immigrants. 

Can you imagine being a student of color attending a school named for your oppressor?

Adams Elementary - unclear if this school is named for John Adams or Samuel Adams. John Adams did not own slaves, but Samuel Adams did, despite believing in emancipation.

Bailey Gatzert Elementary - Bailey Gatzert was a German immigrant and aided in the trading of slaves in Mississippi.

John Muir Elementary - John Muir persecuted and aided in removal of Native Americans.

Isaac Ingalls Stevens Elementary - Stevens displaced Native tribes, and did not give fair payment for Native land.

Catherine Blaine K-8 - Catherine Blaine severely criticized and persecuted Native Americans and white allies

Alexander Hamilton Middle School - Alexander Hamilton bought and sold slaves. 

James Madison Middle School - James Madison owned over 100 slaves. 

George Washington Middle School - George Washington owned 317 slaves.

Marcus Whitman Middle School - Persecuted Native Americans and attempted Native assimilation.

Benjamin Franklin High School - Benjamin Franklin owned two slaves

Abraham Lincoln High School - Abraham Lincoln is famous for emancipating slavery, but he also believed and was vocal about Black Americans being inferior to White Americans, and did not believe in equal rights. 

Theodore Roosevelt High School - Theodore Roosevelt was a supporter of White nationalism and eugenics

Additionally: Grover Cleveland High School - Grover Cleveland is not reported to be racist, however he allegedly raped a woman and blackmailed her from reporting the sexual assault.

If I have missed any Seattle Schools currently named for racist leaders, please leave that information in your comment when signing the petition. 

This petition proposes to rename the listed schools after non-white community leaders to reflect Seattle legacy and properly reflect Seattle student population. Please leave possible namesakes in your comment when signing this petition.