Replace the new one-minute bell at James Madison Memorial High School

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On the first day of the second semester of the 2016-17 school year, the students of James Madison Memorial High School heard the first ring of an obnoxious, irritating bell that sounded much like the sound effect of a TV show protagonist recovering after being hit in the head with a shovel.

They soon learned that this terrible noise was not a malfunction of the speakers or the PSA system, but rather an attempt by the administration of the Madison school district to encourage students to get moving by the one-minute bell and to differentiate the one-minute and five-minute bells.

This bell would, perhaps, be effective if it only was able to be heard outside classrooms. However, due to the school's non-soundproof nature, it serves only to piss off every single person in every single location in the school, including the teachers.

There is not a single person who enjoys the sound of the new one-minute bell. Instead of serving to motivate people to get moving, it only motivates people to grimly anticipate an extremely loud bell rolling into a crescendo and fading away much like a periodic microphone feedback that occurs at least ten times per day.

Superintendent Cheatham, please reverse this decision by either reverting this change or choosing a new, less ear-straining bell. It would make the school day a lot easier for all of us not having this new bell in our lives.

Cover photo is by Abbey Maier. Used with permission.

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