Give Substitutes Livable Wages and Better Benefits--Not Crumbs!

Give Substitutes Livable Wages and Better Benefits--Not Crumbs!

May 3, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Substitute teachers have worked with no pay raise in almost twenty years and are denied health insurance, sick days, and benefits--the basic benefits every worker deserves. 

After months of organizing, substitutes have finally made their voices heard, and CCSD will be presenting their proposal for substitute raises at the Thursday, May 7th board meeting. 

Unfortunately their proposal is insultingly low, and we will not accept their inadequate concessions! Adding a few extra dollars an hour to a near-poverty wage does nothing to improve the material conditions of our job. As licensed educators, we deserve to be respected for the value we provide CCSD and students. We should be compensated fairly instead of being asked to work for near-poverty wages!

On top of having gone almost twenty years without a raise, the egregious HCM payroll issues continue to persist unabatedly, forcing many of us to have gone the last five months with inaccurate pay, resulting in being owed anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

CCSD further undervalued our role by initially refusing to pay any substitute teachers after the school closures, despite the fact that we are directly responsible for the care and education of tens of thousands of students! It wasn't until our protests that they decided to pay vacancy substitutes--a measly 20% of the substitute pool.

Offering us a raise without giving us sick days will require us to either lose an entire day's worth of work, or to go into work with our illnesses. As we try and fully recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, this is NOT an ideal situation for any worker, and puts our students, teachers, and other staff at an unnecessary risk.  

Furthermore, the exploitation of over 700 vacancy substitutes has resulted in a surplus of over $45 million dollars this year alone. CCSD relies on these substitutes to mitigate the full effects of the rampant teacher shortages our district faces every year, yet fails to adequately compensate them by exploiting their labor and denying them any basic benefits, all while reaping tens of millions of dollars in attrition funds. 

In addition to the long-overdue pay increases, substitutes have experienced persistent disruptions in pay after the failed implementation of the HCM system. CCSD almost didn't pay vacancy following the shutdown, and failed to provide for over 3,000 day-to-day and long-term substitutes during such dire times.

It is for these reasons, among many others, that we believe that CCSD needs to reevaluate their proposal for our raises and take into account twenty years of inflation, our lack of benefits, and the unforgivable mistreatment we have experienced this school year. 

Please sign this petition and join us in demanding CCSD for a LIVABLE WAGE AND BETTER BENEFITS, not just paltry crumbs! 

If you would like to take an additional step in showing your support, please consider writing a letter on our behalf, to be read at the board meeting on Thursday, May 7th, stating why substitute teachers deserve a livable wage. Letters can be sent to: BOARDMTGCOMMENTS@NV.CCSD.NET. Mention that it is for Agenda Item 5.02.


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Signatures: 467Next Goal: 500
Support now