Get rid of Edgenuity and bring back our teachers!

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Children are struggling in school. There are kids who work from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed, and they are still behind. Many of our teachers are also not used to this system. Many of them have told their students in ZOOM meetings, We're learning this as you are. But Edgenuity cannot replace our teachers. For many, the pacing is simply too quick and they become demotivated.

Edgenuity cannot replace a good teacher. Teachers encourage growth in their students and want to see all their students thrive. No child left behind. Actual growth in their students. But all Edgenuity wants is to make money quick and doesn't care if it screws the students over completely. If we make the switch to ZOOM meetings and teachers, the children will have a better time, learn and retain their classes, and not worry about a repetitive algorithm of classes that won't care about what the child thinks or wants to say.

It's heartbreaking, as a fellow student, to watch your friends struggling to even stay on pace and break down crying. That's why I need you to support this cause. For the children that need more than just an algorithm of videos and questions. For the children who just can't seem to ever catch up. For the students who need extra help. For all of us.