Police Out Of Hopkins Public Schools!

Police Out Of Hopkins Public Schools!

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In response to the killing of George Floyd, Minneapolis Public Schools voted unanimously on June 2nd to terminate its contract with the Minneapolis Police Department. St. Paul Public Schools also voted on June 23rd to terminate their contract with Saint Paul Police Department. Similar actions are being pursued by school districts in New York, Illinois, Oregon, North Carolina, and more. Now it’s our turn. We demand Hopkins Public Schools to follow suit and immediately terminate its contract with the Minnetonka Police Department and other similar police presences from your schools.

Due to ongoing police violence nationwide, it has become clear that the presence of police in our students’ learning environment is inherently unsafe. Hopkins Schools is a diverse district located in Minnesota. 45% of the student body is non-white and 21% of students are black. Police and Student Resource Officers contribute to creating a criminalizing, unsafe, and unwelcoming school environment. Statements of diversity, inclusion, and a safe and supportive learning environment mean absolutely nothing if they are not backed up by action. Hopkins Schools needs to invest in our students and make a commitment that’s more just than words and end this partnership. When police walk the halls of schools, black children are disproportionately arrested, often for low-level offenses, contributing to a vicious cycle called the School-To-Prison Pipeline. In order to eliminate the School to Prison Pipeline, Hopkins Schools needs to terminate School Resource Officers (SROs) and end all agreements with Minnetonka Police.

Ending the contract with Minnetonka police isn't the only thing we are pushing for. We are demanding Hopkins Schools to create a safe and equitable education for our students. One SRO in our district is funded 113,000 dollars. The police placed in our schools only brings traumatic experiences to students. Instead of funding School Resource Officers in our schools, the funds appropriated towards them should be used to invest in classrooms, mental health services, and improving counseling services all of which support and uplift your students. Our community looks forward to the Hopkins Public School District's response, anticipating the District's agreement with the community on terminating their contract with Minnetonka police and the need to protect and support our children.