Rocky Point School District: Provide the Option of 100% Remote Learning for ALL Students.

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We are petitioning for the addition of a 100% remote learning option for ALL students in the Rocky Point Union Free School District.  Signing this petition is not an obligation to choose remote learning, it is simply supporting those in the community who want to have that choice.

The current mandate of five full days in person for K-5 grade levels, which is outlined in the Rocky Point School District Reopening Plan is not satisfactory or democratic. We feel the ONLY responsible action is for the district to include a clear, fully remote, virtual learning plan as an option for all students.

We implore the district to add a fully-virtual option, as many other nearby districts have done.  As taxpayers, we feel that our district has an obligation to responsibly address the concerns of the parents and guardians that are considering leaving the district to homeschool our children, because of public health concerns. 

Benefits of a fully-virtual option for ALL students include the following:

  1. A fully-virtual option will benefit everyone in the district from a public health standpoint.  This also benefits parents that DO wish to send their children.  It will create smaller class sizes, reducing the risk of potential transmission for all children, teachers, administration and staff if a student or teacher were to contract the virus.
  2.  A fully-virtual option demonstrates support and empathy for our educators.  A fully-virtual option will give educators the opportunity to facilitate a remote learning experience without being forced to take leave of their position if they themselves are high risk due to pre-existing conditions, have high risk household members, or are otherwise uncomfortable returning to the physical classroom.
  3. A fully-virtual option provides for freedom of choice and promotes inclusivity.  A single “option" of full-time, in-person schooling for primary students (K-5) is not an option at all but a mandate.  A single “Hybrid Model” for the secondary students (grades 6-12) also denies parents the option for a full remote learning choice.  The Rocky Point Reopening Plan, as it stands, does not address the needs of families with vulnerable, high risk family/household members. 
  4. A fully-virtual option will allow us to continue to support our school district.  Lastly, while it is legally our right to remove out child from the district and provide private homeschool, we feel that as taxpayers and community members, we should not be forced to do so because of lack of choice in our own school district. 

Providing a virtual option is necessary.  Each family must be offered a choice to do what works best for their situation. We appreciate and respect the immense undertaking of the reopening process, and we thank you, the administration, staff, and BOE, for making sure our children are safe and flourishing. We trust that you all have the best intentions to continue to do so.

Many nearby Suffolk County school districts have already made the decision to offer a clearly stated, full-time, remote option in their proposals. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Center Moriches
  • Comsewogue
  • East Moriches 
  • Patchogue-Medford
  • Riverhead
  • Smithtown
  • William Floyd

These districts have strategized a plan which includes an option for 100% virtual learning, and we feel strongly that Rocky Point is capable of doing the same, and has a moral and public health obligation to do so.  

We recognize that no single solution will meet the needs of everyone.  However, we find the current reopening plan offered by our district to be non-inclusive and irresponsible from a public health standpoint.  

Thus, we implore you to update the plan to include a full-time remote/virtual learning option for all students for the 2020-2021 school year.  

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