Save Dance at Cragmont for the 4th and 5th Graders

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Please allow our Cragmont Elementary school site to decide which teacher prep times it would like to have to best support our students by allowing dance to continue seamlessly from Kindergarten to fifth grade at our school. Or teachers are trusted professionals, with years of experience teaching our community’s students. Please listen to them. They know what's best for our students.

At least two of our 4th and 5th teachers have science degrees and feel very comfortable teaching science, but are not credentialed physical education or dance teachers. Let them teach science alongside our science teacher and save the dance prep time and dance program. 

The school board has expressed a need for teachers to be "culturally responsive" and teach in ways reflective of the different cultural backgrounds students bring to our schools. Dance is a program that does exactly this, celebrating and demonstrating diversity in positive and engaging ways and strengthening our community.

Additionally, the dance program levels the playing field between the boys and the girls, fosters a team spirit of support through focused, consistent physical activity that builds skills, and culminates in a live performance each year. In addition to teacher led curriculum, by the time the students are in the 4th and 5th grade, they have enough skill to be able to put together dances of their own in teams, incorporating valuable decision-making and critical thinking skills.

Dance supports attendance and makes kids want to come to school. All kids excel in different areas and at different times. Dance is exciting and active and encourages a love of learning for many who may not be connecting in other areas. Kids who may miss school ask to come to school to when they know an activity they love will be taking place. 

Few things at Cragmont build pride in our community like our school’s dance program. It is one of the few things that draws everyone to our school. It is a true community builder. To see this valued program dismantled is extremely disheartening. Replacing it with a generic, physical education program is not the same.

Please reconsider your plans for the restructuring of 4th and 5th grade preps at Cragmont school and allow the site to decide which preps are best. SAVE DANCE! The community and the students deserve it.


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