Save neighborhoods of Springville K5 by keeping them with Springville school - Supporting Map Submittal 2

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Solution: Please recommend elementary school boundary adjustment committee's choice, Map Submittal #2, to Beaverton School Board as final school boundary between Springville and new Kaiser Rd school. 

As per the current decision made by BSD Elementary boundary adjustment committee, the recommendation is to implement map submittal 2 as the final school boundary between Springville and new Kaiser road school.

We, as residents of neighboring communities of Springville and Jacob Wismer school, fully support map submittal 2Map submittal 2 is result of hard work from several parents, committee members over multiple months and has a very balanced approach towards solving current overcrowding of Springville and selecting neighborhoods for new Kaiser Rd school.

Moving immediate neighborhoods to far away school introduces serious traffic and safety concerns. Students who can currently walk to school in less than 5 minutes (less than 0.5 miles) will have to be driven/bused through dangerous Brugger Rd. Walk and bike option for these neighborhoods will be permanently closed, on request from communities who are already NOT in the walking/biking zone. For Abbey Creek and Arbor Oaks (immediate neighbors to Springville K5), proximity to School, neighborhood unity, safety, transportation are all closely matched as per the primary criteria considered for boundary adjustment decisions. All these points are appropriately matched by map submittal 2 which is currently approved plan by committee with a 5:1 vote on motion. Submittal 2 also alleviates a major concern about community unity which was raised by Pirate park community by keeping all of their community together. We fully and wholeheartedly support map submittal 2.

While map submittal 2 provides an excellent solution, not everybody can be satisfied. Some families impacted by the adjustment, are still pushing map submittal 3 for Superintendent Grotting to approve, thus, negating the hard work of all parents and honorable committee members including school principals. These families are trying to push immediate neighborhoods of Springville K5 school (Abbey Creek and Arbor Oaks) to a relatively far away school. There are some other families who are trying to promote map submittal 1.

Issues with submittal 3:

Many of the facts being highlighted about map submittal 3 are potentially incorrect. Most notably, Pirate Park community, a major supporters of map submittal 3, states that it provides "opportunity for all neighborhoods to have full or mostly safe routes to school", while in reality: 

  1. It keeps ,a big community, Abbey Creek from walking/biking to school
  2. It makes Abbey Creek travel through dangerous Brugger rd (with no side walk) and Kaiser Rd 
  3. Makes an  assumption (already debunked by transportation department) that in future, several years from now, there will be walkable trails to the school.

Transportation department clarified that future trails, if any, will not be walkable to school as length will be more than 1 mile for most of the Abbey Creek area and trails will follow the geography which might not make them easy to use for going to school. Also there is no approved trail plan till date.

Supporters also state that their current route to school is safe, implying that adoption of map submittal 2 will make the routes unsafe. Pirate park community lives far from Springville and due to geography of their location, can't walk/bike to school safely. Supporters are still stating that maps other than submittal 3 will not take care of pirate park's community unity, while submittal 2 move entire pirate park to new kaiser school, thus maintaining their community unity. Some folks totally unaffected by the boundary adjustment from Jacob Wismer school are supporting submittal 3 stating their school shouldn't be changed. Not sure what is their reasoning but Jacob Wismer bondaries are not touched by either submittal 2 or 3. Falsifying information for personal benefits and misrepresent of facts is unethical, which seems to be rampant among supporters of map submittal 3. 

Map submittal 3 supporters seems to have a view that their association with a particular school is more important than any other criteria such as proximity, student safety, walkable routes, transportation, community unity. Relatively new development in the immediate neighborhood  of Springville should not be considered an intrusion and disruption, but a logical progression and an example of how communities grow and develop. Arbor Oaks is in place for many years and Abbey Creek is in existence for 2 years. Communities supporting map submittal 3, live far from Springville and are geographically separated with low lying green area & transmission lines. Almost no part of those communities is walkable to school (physical location, geographical features and need to cross high traffic/high speed Springville Rd).

Very unrealistic, illogical and currently rejected map submittal 3 also creates a great imbalance in the number of students at Kaiser Rd (starting very low and rise to unsustainable high). Under map submittal 3, many students from economically disadvantages neighborhoods have to be driven in buses for several miles adding to transportation cost, environmental pollution etc. Walk-ability to school is permanently compromised for the satisfaction of some families which live in far away bused areas. Diversity consideration is lower for map submittal 3 compared to submittal 2. Students growing and learning in more diverse population is important for student's overall growth in a multicultural world. Map submittal 3 suggests that large neighborhoods should be covered by schools which are far from where students actually live. Elementary boundary adjustment committee termed map submittal 3 as an emotionally motivated map entirely not fixable. There are not enough facts which can uphold submittal 3 while comparing with submittal 2.

Issues with submittal 1:

Submittal 1 was disregarded due to it being quite disruptive for many families. It was determined that submittal 1  was based on a proposal rejected earlier in public meeting 2. Major issues with submittal 1 include safety concern for students and disrupted neighborhood unity. BSD guidelines for walk to school stipulate that elementary school children can only walk to school if posted limit is under 35mph that too with a crossing guard (additional staffing cost). Submittal#1 is based on a incorrect notion that students can walk across Bethany blvd and Springville road both of which are rated 35mph or more. Similar issues exists with submittal 3 where supporter claim that they cross Springville Rd to walk to school while the area is bused. 

BSD Transportation officials affirmed this too. Close to 400 students who are claimed to walk will need to be bused, which is more costly than projected in submittal#1. Any proposal which disregards safety of kids should not be considered. Submittal#1 does very little to preserve neighborhood unity for Arbor view and other Jacob Wismer communities. Submittal#1 lacks logic and benefit and fails to meet at important objectives set forth for boundary change process.

Final Request:

Please reject submittal 1 and submittal 3, as was decided by committee, without any further consideration as both of them have serious flaws with unfixable issues.

Submittal 2 leaves the Jacob Wismer boundaries untouched which is highly appreciated by all Jacob Wismer communities. Submittal 2 moves all of pirate park together to preserve their community unity. Submittal 2 keeps the immediate neighborhood of Springville school walk and bike to school. This indeed is a win-win map.

Our sincere request to superintendent Don Grotting is to honor the hard work of several parents and the adjustment committee and finalize map submittal 2 as final elementary school boundary. Please save immediate neighborhoods of Springville and continue with map submittal 2. 

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