Request in person meeting to discuss new PMS Principal appointment

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Olivia Melaugh
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Dear Mr. Haglund:

Thank you for sharing the news of Mr. Nguyen’s appointment as PMS principal. This is a huge disappointment for many PMS families and frankly, we are discouraged by your leadership and failure to fully understand and implement what is in the best interest of PMS families. Those of us who have children at PMS and those of us who will have students there in the future, understand that what PMS needs, especially during this time of transition, is an administrator who knows our students and our community intimately. We know that you had at least one candidate up for this position that met this criteria and instead of listening to the feedback from PMS families, you chose to ignore us and picked an outsider.

As news of this new appointment filters through the community, I anticipate that you will have many upset and frustrated families before you. In anticipation of this, we, the undersigned, are requesting that you meet with PMS families to discuss this appointment and to give us the opportunity to ask you questions in person. We are deeply concerned that our students will suffer as a consequence of this appointment and we have the right, as tax paying residents of Pleasanton, to voice our displeasure at your decision.

**Edit: It must be said, and clearly, that we have no quarrel with Mr. Nguyen, the chosen candidate. He seems to be a fine man and public servant. Our issue is with PUSD leadership, and their unwillingness to act in the best interest of Pleasanton students, a behavior which appears to have become a disturbing pattern.