Concerned Goshen CSD Parents

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We write this letter after much deliberation and reflection regarding Goshen CSD’s general communication procedures and hiring processes. This includes the recent resigning and hiring of Scotchtown Avenue School’s principal.  When Mrs. Prasky went on maternity leave in the fall of 2015, the SAS parents received a letter regarding her leave, expected return date, and the interim appointment of Mr. Freedman. Since that date, we have received no updates on her leave extensions.  For two years, parents have been left wondering about her return, getting updates through the grapevine rather than from the school or district itself.

Some of us were able to learn of Mrs. Prasky’s resignation through research on the Board of Education’s website or inquiring with teachers this spring. It was  “through the grapevine” that many of us also heard about the appointment of three other new administrators. Up until the end of July, no one ever officially notified the parents of these new placements.  At that point, communication was only through FaceBook and the website, which doesn’t reach every parent in the community. We receive School Messenger emails all the time, but somehow these hiring events weren’t deemed important enough to share with the parents directly.  

As parents, our experience has been tremendous in terms of teaching and learning, but quite frustrating when it comes to communication from the administration regarding changes (examples include administrative appointments and policy changes such as the CTEC rubric).    

To this end, we ask for a review of current procedures for what constitutes a message worthy of distribution via School Messenger email and/or letter sent home. We would like changes in administration and items that affect the school as a whole to be considered worthy of direct notification to parents.

We would be remiss if we didn’t also share our general concern about the appointment of a 7-12 Social Studies & PE teacher/Athletic Director as the principal of a kindergarten through second-grade school.    One key element of being an effective leader is age-appropriate instructional pedagogy.  Instructional leadership is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Who knows this better than the teachers themselves? To our knowledge, no teachers/staff members were asked to participate in the process of appointing a new principal. If no faculty members were involved in this important decision, it may cause an environment where they feel unsupported and frustrated.

We have no ill will toward any of the recently appointed administrators; this letter is not against them in any way shape or form.   We do feel bad for them, though, that each is starting under these circumstances.  Parents feeling in the dark and some teachers feeling unsupported both instructionally and professionally.

All of this causes concern for us, as parents.

We love this town and this district.  We live here for a reason.  We want what is best for all the children of Goshen. Please, take some time to consider what we’ve written here.  We have the highest of hopes of Goshen’s continued greatness.

Thank you,

Goshen CSD Parents