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No More Homework In The Salem Keizer School District

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In High School we are already at school for 7 hours, not in including extracurricular activities, in which we are at school for hours more.  at this point we don't get home till 2:40pm to 5:30pm where we then eat dinner. At this point it is six' o clock as if we do an extracurricular activity that you guys think we should do, at least my school they want you to do one activity. so at this point we have sat at school all day and sat and ate. Now its time for home work which is anywhere from 1-2 hours a night on average. so now if we do what you guys want it is now probably 7-8, now that its to late to go outside, most likely. So lets just say we sit and play video games or board games. at this point we have probably sat for around 10-14 hours. So I'm going to explain what this does in two ways, what it does to your body and just common sense. Sitting is just not good for your body especially if its for long amounts of time, it can cause; shorter life span, back aches and pain, neck pain, slowed metabolism, increased risk of depression, muscle weakness, knee pain, herniated disk, risk of diabetes, increased risk of heart disease, obesity, and much more. yes we could have stand up desk at school, but I'm sure we don't want to pay for little change. 1-2 hours of less sitting could make a major difference, we are being told in health that we need to be more active to fix this but how can we when we don't have time, what they don't realize is the problem is sitting. Shorter life span, who wants this because they thought what they were doing was good for them, who wants depression, who wants all those problems? Not to mention all the teachers, they are probably sitting another 5 hours grading homework. 1-2 hours can change a ton. Now there are many other reasons health wise but I'm going to keep in as short as possible. we are told home work helps, but really how? I would really love to know. Teachers have enough time to teach us in class, and if we really don't get it, we can ask the teacher for help, but we don't need all this unnecessary work that is just a waste of time. Give us study sheets, if we don't get it, we can study, we can get work if we need help, but not everyone needs it, we should not have to do home work because somebody didn't pay attention, if he really cares he can ask the teacher for the work, but why should we if we don't need to. If you want help then you will ask for work outside of school if you got behind but some kids just don't care, they are behind that's why we do homework, but they do not care, they aren't gonna do it they are just gonna cause us to have to do more work. In life we need to be independent if we want to succeed, so if we need some thing we will do it, not be forced to do everything. Its common sense that I want to hang out with my friends, work out what ever you like to do, not, not be able to because you have to do something you are one hundred percent confident in doing and have no struggle doing. if this is to much for us to do then why don't we do 20 minents of required reading each night, “If you can read well, everything else comes,” Kevin Christian. “The quality of homework assigned is so poor that simply getting kids to read replacing homework with self-selected reading was a more powerful alternative,” Allington told the Post. “Maybe some kinds of homework might raise achievement, but if so that type of homework is uncommon in U.S. schools.”  These are one of many reasons, I hope you understand why we shouldn't have homework, and if you agree please spend a little of your time to support my petition. 

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