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End unreasonable dress code violations against females at hickory high school

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In Harrisburg, North Carolina at Hickory Ridge High School a female student, Summer was suspended because of the clothing she was wearing. The 'problem' clothing was a long sleeved shirt, the shirt settled on the side of Summer's shoulders exposing her collarbone and back. There was no cleavage showing at all. The incident at the school began in the lunch room where the Principal Michelle Cline asked Summer to put a jacket on, Summer complyed but Principal Cline was still not satisfied. Principal Cline told Summer she needed to change her outfit altogether. At this point Summer ask's for her mother to be called due to previous issues in the past with the principle. Summer's mother could not be contacted so Summer went back to her day. As the day continued there was an assembly, during this assembly Principal Cline came in along with the Schools Resource Officer making everyone leave besides summer. At this point Summer was told she could either change her shirt or be arrested. During this incident Summer said the officer had his hand on his gun. Summer ended up being suspended and can not partake in senior activities this means she cannot walk at her graduation. Summer was suspended for insubordination. Summer is an honor roll student with a 4.4 GPA and a full ride to college for pre-med.  Please Sign this petition as a stance against this absurd treatment of Summer and with the hopes of Principal Cline being investigated and her actions getting addressed. 

Some may think this is only one girl and one incident but this is happening all over, girls being pulled out of class due to dress code violations because they are distracting to the boys there. By our schools doing this, it is saying girls education is not as important as the boys. This also contributes to the sexualization of girls to continue and grow. 

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Full Story Here - Also used this site for all the information found here. 



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