Say No to Online EBooks, DO NOT Lower Math Education Standards in Edison

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We the undersigned OPPOSE the changes to Math text books and the upcoming implementation of digital “Discovery” math textbooks for Edison Schools.

Math textbooks have been drastically downgraded for the past 5 years. The current Math textbooks contain extraneous, confusing, and often outright wrong answers and present mathematical concepts in a scattered and misleading manner.  “Discovery EBooks” are even worse and parents in many other districts around the country have also protested against them.

As concerned parents, we strongly object to your proposals to use Discovery Ebooks in our schools and jeopardizing the future of our children.

Why we support a return to high quality textbooks:

  • Well-designed and well structured subject-specific content.
  • Precise focus on key concepts.
  • Coherent learning progression in each subject.
  • Better prepares students, align well with standardized tests.
  • Cost savings: no copyright renewal issue.

Why we oppose digital discovery EBooks:

  • EBooks rely on expensive computer devices, internet connections and on-line courseware services, resulting in downtime.
  • Annual copyright registration which also results in increased and wasteful spending.
  • Makes learning difficult through unclear problem-solving process, as explanations are choppy.
  • Much less quality and depth than prior math textbooks.
  • Staring at Chromebook by our district to concentrate on studying materials results in health issues, especially harming young kids.

Therefore, we demand a quality education and that that the BOE  drop the “discovery online book” and go back to our original quality text books.  

We demand transparency and  that the BOE receive public input before any textbook decision, instead of completely disregarding the concerns of parents.

We demand accountability and that the BOE publish benchmark comparison data between Discovery EBooks and the listed Math Textbooks for each grade for public review.


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