Medical Negligence inquiry should be time bound - Doctors should be arrested

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My wife SWETA KASHYAP GARG was having full term pregnancy and was
taking antenatal treatment under Dr PRATIBHA SINGHAL of Cloudnine hospital,C 9, Sector 51 Noida since Dec 2018. Her due date of delivery was 8th March 2019.
On 8th March itself, she consulted with Dr Pratibha Singhal in the hospital and after check-up she told that parameters of mother and foetus both are quite normal. She further advised for sonography and asked us to wait for two more days and come with reports on 10th March morning at 9.00 AM. During the sonography we were told that amniotic fluid in uterus is less, but nothing is alarming.
On 9th March evening at 8 pm, she felt the “Labor Pain” so she called the doctor
immediately to understand the next step where she was advised to wait for a little
longer. However, we decided to move to the hospital as we stay a little far near Pari
Chowk, Greater Noida, to avoid any last-minute complications. I, along with my wife
and mother-in-law (Rekha Prasad) rushed to the hospital Cloudnine, Noida and
reached the hospital at around 9.20 pm. On the way I informed Dr. Pratibha Singhal
at 9:03 pm that we are on the way to the hospital. She advised me to go to
emergency where someone will be able to address you immediately and she would
also reach the hospital shortly. But after reaching the hospital, there was no one to
address us and the consulting doctor Dr Pratibha Singhal also was not present. So
we immediately moved to the emergency (which they name as “Triage”). We had
already made a pre booking in the hospital to ensure everything goes fine and we
don’t have to face any problems. In the “Triage” they started the NST to monitor the
heartbeat of the baby and the nurse stated to me that the heart beat is normal and
nothing to worry. I asked her if she has informed the consulting doctor Dr Pratibha
Singhal, to which she replied that she has informed the duty doctor Dr. Ritika
Sharma and she is expected any minute. However, she came at 10.10 pm and
attended the patient in hurry. During the internal examination itself the amniotic bag
was ruptured. She hurriedly went through all the documents kept in my folder. After
the internal examination she told me that everything is normal and normal delivery
would happen between 4-5 am and labor pain would increase. I asked her again if
she has informed Dr.Pratibha Singhal to which she said “yes” and said she would
come in sometime. My wife was admitted to the private deluxe room (which was pre-booked with a package of Rs 1 lac) and not to Labor room or OT where the NST was not continuously monitored. Around 11.30 pm my wife was having severe distress. Only then some nurse came and told that foetus (baby in uterus) is having severe distress due to loss of amniotic fluid and heart beat was dipped to alarmingly low. At around 12.10 am Dr. Ritika Sharma came and she told that we need to rush to the OT immediately and do a C-Section. I again called Dr Pratibha Singhal who said she will be reaching in another 10-15 mins. I signed all the required documents. At that time it was said that the heart beat was hardly 20 to 30 bpm and the baby was bound to die. Only then hospital staff and Dr Ritika Sharna went in panic mode. They took a lot of time to shift the patient to the OT and the shifting was done in the most unprofessional manner inconveniencing the patient. The OT was not at all prepared for operating on the patient. Ultrasound machine was not present in the OT and was brought from the ground floor room. USG done on the operation table showed absent cardiac activities. The consulting doctor Dr Prathibha Singhal reached after 12:45 am i.e. after a delay of more than 4 hrs. Within 5-10 mins of her reaching, she came out of OT to announce that the heartbeat of the child is lost and still birth will be done through normal delivery.
We had immense faith in Dr. PRATIBHA SINGHAL and Cloudnine, Noida hospital
based of ratings in various portals. But due to gross criminal negligence of DR.
PRATIBHA SINGHAL and Cloudnine hospital, Noida we lost our baby. My wife’s
mental condition has become such that she is not able to speak. My whole family and relatives are in severe mental distress.
This complete episode as narrated above clearly pinpoints gross criminal negligence
on the part of Cloudnine Hospital, Noida and the consulting/attending doctors Dr
Pratibha Singhal and Dr Ritika Sharma respectively as per our opinion, mainly on the
following counts :-
(a) Wrongful decision by consulting doctor Dr Pratibha Singhal by not
delivering the child through C-section based of the USG reports Dated 16 Feb
and 8 Mar, 19, and instead going for C-section,
(b) Inexplicable delay in attending the critical patient admitted to the hospital
for delivery by the consulting doctor Dr Pratibha Singhal,
(c) Abnormal delay in attending the critical patient admitted to the hospital by
the Resident/Duty doctor Dr Ritika Sharma and not taking rightful decision to
deliver the child on time by doing C-section when the foetus was under critical
distress right at the time admission,
(d) Gross negligence in providing due medical care in the Cloudnine, Noida
hospital leading to the death of the unborn baby.
It is thus clear case of criminal act by the Defendants under Section 304/304A of IPC and, accordingly, I have lodged Police complaint in Sector 49 Noida PS vide FIR# 0248 Dated 10th March 2019. 

Also, the CMO Noida Dr. Anurag Bhargav and the police  is not taking any appropriate action on the same and the doctor has started her practice again. The report from CMO is a totally biased report and not pointing out any medical negligence.