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Superdelegates: Heed the Will of the People!

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By every measure, the 2008 Democratic Primary has been an historic contest. The call for change has echoed across every region of the country and inspired Americans to participate in unprecedented numbers.
Yet with the support for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama near parity, we are now warned that 20 million voters may not be enough to decide this nomination. Instead, fewer than 800 superdelegates may have the final word.
The possibility that a small group of party officials could overturn the democratic results is a threat to the integrity of the entire nominating process. Such a vote would end the incredible movement building around our party and disillusion the millions of Americans who have been given hope by this election.

Sign the petition below to demand that only pledged delegates who have been chosen in fair and democratic elections decide the nomination. This petition will be delivered to superdelegates in your region urging them to heed the will of the people and support the candidate who has won the most pledged delegates by the convention. After years of disenfranchisement and the reign of special interests, Americans need to believe again that our collective destiny is in our own hands.

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