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Clash of Clans: CLAN BANK

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The Problem
Currently, only online clan members can donate to you. As a result, if you are on late at night, or early in the morning about to raid, you can't get any CC troops because nobody is online! This means you might be in danger of losing an attack or defense!

The Solution
If you really need a troop donation and nobody is online, why not have a way to still get troops? A CLAN BANK! This clan bank can contain troops that were donated to the clan. When you need troops, you can simply open the clan bank and take what you need.


Bank Basics
The Clan [Troop] Bank is unlocked at clan perks level X. It is a bank to store troops, and only troops. The Bank can be turned on/off. As your clan perks level increases so do a number of troops the bank can hold. Whenever someone donates to the bank a clan message will appear simply saying “_____ has donated x amount of (level)(troop)s.” And likewise when someone removes troops “_____ has withdrawn x amount of (level)(troop)s.” <---- This is all stored in a log like the clan war log. The log contains all clan member names and how many they've donated as well as received.

Clan and Player Requirements
By default, one needs to have the "new" rank go away (A 7-day cooldown period).
This option is changeable by clan leadership so that it requires a rank.

Clan Bank Specs
The bank CAN, I repeat CAN get full of troops.
Keep in mind, a leader CAN remove bad troops from the clan bank like goblins. When you donate or take a troop from the clan bank, you troop received or donated amount will go up.

Lv 1 Clan: N/A
Lv 2 Clan: 50 troops
Lv 3 Clan: 100 troops
Lv 4 Clan: 150 troops
Lv 5 Clan: 200 troops
Lv 6 Clan: 250 troops
Lv 7 Clan: 300 troops
Lv 8 Clan: 350 troops
Lv 9 Clan: 400 troops
Lv 10 Clan: 450 troops



  • Anti-Hopper/Leecher Precautions

Anti-Hopper features include the “new” rank going away with MANDATORY 7-day cooldown period. Anti-Leecher features include the need for the leader to set a minimum donation per troop received level, or a given:taken troop ratio.This may sound confusing but let me explain.


  • Clan [War] Bank

For a clan war the same type of concept is used. People donate to a pool of (Maximum of 5 donations per member, unless your clan perk says otherwise) donations, these donations can be taken for ONLY war requests. Any remaining troops will be sent to the clan bank.


  • Donation Count

One will donate to the bank, but their donation count will not go up. Why you ask? To prevent an influx of 1. X.P. and 2. False donation numbers.
After your troop is received, or someone takes it from the bank, your donation count goes up, and you receive your X.P.
To prevent crazy donation numbers, your donation amount (let's say 30 troops) is split in half to a total of 15 and if you donated an odd number, that decimal is rounded up, e.g. 31 = 15.5, or 16.


  • Interface 

**Photos will provide a better explanation
If a Level 1 dragon is donated, and then another drag any level above 1 is donated, a little blue box with a star will appear on the edge of the dragon image. You tap on this star and it will show you all the levels of that troop available to take.

To counter this:
You won't see the troop you just donated to the bank. Ex. No dragons are in the bank, you donate a dragon, however, you don't see one, then once someone else donates a dragon, theirs shows up.

This solution seems a perfect fit and will allow for more activity as attacks aren’t postponed due to lack of troops.


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