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Do we want DLC’s?! YES!!! Does Sakurai claim to want DLC’s?! NO! Is there a way to stop him from breaking our unconfirmed or cut out characters? YES!!! How do we do it?  Well I'm glad you asked! Sakurai himself has said that he does not plan to make any DLC's after Mewtwo is released unless there is demand. Instead of sitting down and whining, we have to give him that demand in one of the only ways possible. We HAVE to start petitions, forums, websites, make videos, spread the word that WE WANT DLC more than anything. And Smash Bros: NO ONE will pay for a clone character. We will wait a while if it means that we don't have to have even more clones. 

    One of the many recurring issues with DLC characters is that everyone supports their own games, wants their own characters, and has their own favorites. However, I have a solution for this. If the people are going to demand DLC, it's only right we demand what and finish the job. In order to do this, I believe Smash Bros should start a vote. On the Smash Bros Website, they could make it so that you have the ability to place your vote for a DLC that should get into Smash Bros.  By making a few announcements or so like they do whenever they have information to release, almost all fans will go onto the smash website. There Smash will have a list of 25-50 different characters which that a possibility to get into smash (hopefully, only 2-3 characters per game series so that it is not overflooded with characters from one game). Us, the people, who at times will willingly go flat broke for our beloved unconfirmed smash characters to join the brawl, will all vote in hopes for our favorite character to get in. Once enough votes have gotten in (or, a set date for the poll to end), the votes will be counted/the website will automatically count the votes, and the 5 (maybe more if Smash is generous) most voted for characters will be the ones released into smash bros. This way, the people will decide who and who is not in. This way, we can please those 5 huge fan bases who are large enough for them to be putting a dent in the amount of pleased fans. This way, we can make it so that the players truly feel that they matter. This way, the people who love their characters wont have to hear any of the junk the creators are saying about their DLC being to generic, too complicated to make, that they're babies for wanting their characters in, that their character has no chance in the only crossover game it will ever have a chance in. 

  So sign this petition. Sign a petition to help make the world of Smash bros a brighter place, to see if you can rally enough people so that your #1 favorite character is guaranteed to win, to simply make Smash Bros as a game better itself. Are you with me, people of earth?! Are you going to sit there and stare at an unfinished roster, or are we going to rebel, and show Sakurai that we DO want the demand he claims most would be frustrated about?! 

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