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Donate Super PAC dollars to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

This is simple. Donate the millions of dollars Super PACs would have spent between now and November 6, 2012 to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. If a Super PAC has already payed for the spots, then they should take a loss and donate the money anyway. Just think of all the good those millions could do to help those who have lost so much.

Since the start of the presidential campaign, independent groups have spent at least $455 million on television advertisements and other efforts asking voters to elect or defeat candidates. The most active groups have been "super PACs," which can raise unlimited money from individuals, corporations and labor unions. Although these groups cannot legally be tied to a candidate, several of the most-active ones are run or advised by former associates or campaign staff." (

Three of the top four Super PACS have spent $240,061,551 on attack advertisements against Barack Obama (#1-Restore Our Future; #2-American Crossroads; #4-Republican National Committee). One of the top four Super PACS has spent $55,902,032 on attack advertisements against Mitt Romney (#3-Priorities USA Action). These numbers are totals through October 31, 2012. This is money that has been spent since the beginning of this election cycle.

That is a lot of money to be wasted on the airwaves when it could be used for the good of the people. So many have lost not only their homes and businesses, but also loved ones from the devastation created by Hurricane Sandy. Cleanup will take weeks, if not months. Lives are changes forever.

Step up, Super PACs. Suspend all political advertisements today and donate the money to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Thanks. Peace and love.

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