to not include ”S” in the LGBT this isn’t being inclusive

to not include ”S” in the LGBT this isn’t being inclusive

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Straight pride is a slogan that arose in the late 1980s and early 1990s and has been used primarily by social conservative groups as a political stance and strategy.

The term is described as a response to gay pride adopted by various LGBT groups in the early 1970s or to the accommodations provided to gay pride initiatives

Straight pride backlash incidents have generated controversy and media attention. School policies and court decisions regarding freedom of expression have drawn particular attention, spotlighting individuals protesting school expressions against harassment of LGBT adolescents.

The concept of LGBT pride originates as a movement which seeks to challenge the negative images of LGBT people by being openly identified with a culturally stigmatizedgroup; as such, it creates a discomfort. 

In this context, the terms straight pride and heterosexual pride exist as an argument criticizing gay pride as unnecessary, stating by contrast with heterosexuality that heterosexuals "don't talk about straight pride",don't have "straight pride rallies", and would be seen as ridiculous if they were to "band together and have a heterosexual pride parade". 

This appeal to ridicule argument expresses the idea that showing pride for a homosexual orientation is equally absurd.

Analysts of LGBT rights state as a counter-argument that mainstream culture offers many approved social venues (weddings, baptism, family reunions...) for heterosexuals to express and celebrate their sexual orientation in public, while homosexuals usually feel isolated and pride parades offer them support and an opportunity for socializing. 

"Heterosexual pride" parades exist as a response to societal acceptance of LGBT visibility, and originated in campuses in the 1990s as a backlash tactic.

Incidents where the slogan or concept of "Straight pride" caused controversy have occurred since the late 1980s. In 1988, for example, Vermont Republican John Burger asked the state's Governor to establish a "Straight Pride Day".

 In 1990, rallies in support of Straight Pride were held at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (organized by the group Young Americans for Freedom) and nearby Mount Holyoke College 

In 1991, conservative organizations at University of Massachusetts Amherst Organized a "Straight Pride" rally attended by about 50 people and protested by a crowd estimated to be ten times larger. 

Events which draw media attention are "Straight pride parades"or "Straight Pride days", often organized in response to similar events organized by gay groups. Other events, typically occurring in United States high schools where First Amendment concerns arise, have revolved around people desiring to wear "Straight Pride" t-shirts. 

At a 2010 Tea Party Express rally in Lansing, the state capital of Michigan, a vendor was selling T-shirts printed with the slogan "Straight Pride". Some state and national gay advocacy groups denounced the shirts, claiming that they echoed the use by racist groups of a "white pride" slogan. Some of the opposition arose from reports that the shirt seller was a sponsor of the event with a cut of sales funding the Tea Party Express, although those reports may not have been accurate.

Support for straight pride events is often based on religious objections to homosexuality. Groups such as the White Aryan Resistanceand Ku Klux Klan have also tried to oppose "gay pride" by stressing straight pride. 

In 2010, in response to local suicides amongst LGBT adolescents, an Ally Week was held at St. Charles North High School in St. Charles, Illinois. On the first day of this Ally Week, though, three students arrived wearing "Straight Pride" t-shirts. The back of these t-shirts displayed "Leviticus 20:13", the verse stating that those who perform homosexual acts should be put to death.

While the school did not force the students to remove their t-shirts, it did persuade them to remove the Bible quotation. The following day two different students arrived wearing "Straight Pride" t-shirts minus the Bible quotations and were consequently asked to remove their shirts.

In an opinion piece on the St. Charles incident, Eric Zorn (a staff writer for the Chicago Tribune) opined that "the expression 'Straight Pride' can only be read as a gratuitous and contemptuous response to the suggestion that gay people not be marginalized." 

Did you really think that Straight Pride was only to show ACTUAL pride in being Straight? Most likely because that’s what the name suggested. 

You understand that having the “S” in with LGBT would be unnecessary. They aren’t a minority that are a majority please help me stop Super Happy Fun time form Mocking the LGBT. 

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