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Engineered clans vs Engineered clans, NOT vs serious war clans!

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Engineered accounts/engineered clans should NOT match dedicated war clans! War clans/members invest a huge amount of time, effort and cash into balancing offence/defence to be truly fair play. Practice makes perfect......warring an engineered clan has no element of fair play what so ever. Sort out your war matching algorithms to let the engineered clans war each other while the genuine war clans war each other. To a certain extent this one of the many elements that ruins the game for war minded account owners.

With the addition of the "builder hall" you cannot upgrade builder hall unless you have all defences, this is a step in the right direction. The war community would be great full if you could implement this into town hall villages. I urge ever war lover from the casual to the elite warring clans to get behind this push and let our voices be heard!

PS, no generic bullshit reply SUPERCELL........just git er' done! thanks in advance

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