Justice for the murder of Sri Idayu Ghazali

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This petition is related to the murder of the late Sri Idayu Ghazali. We demand justice for her brutal and merciless death -- https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/man-who-stabbed-his-wife-to-death-sentenced-to-10-years-jail-10523470

My sister, the late Sri Idayu Ghazali was a lighthearted and easygoing person, filial daughter to both my parents and a responsible and loving mother to her 2 daughters. She was the sole breadwinner, supporting her two kids and her heartless husband; who did not have stable income. My sister has been struggling alone to make ends meet for the family, working from day to night, only to get betrayed by her husband. He had an affair with another woman and had a 3 year old son whom she found out about early that year; the same year that she was brutally murdered, in front of their 9 year old daughter.

He became angry because he thought she was also having an affair. But in actual fact, to cope with the divorce which was taking a toll on her, my sister actually spent most of her late nights out with Jonit's sister who had often asked her out.

Ever since the passing of my sister, my mother and her daughter who witnessed the murder has been in extreme grief and have a difficult time dealing with it for the past 2 years. Her daughter is dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, including seeing shadows and images of a knife, a devastating psychological impact which is long term and immense for her children. My parents have lost their daughter, I have lost my only sister, and the children have lost their mother forever.

The verdict was released 3 weeks ago: her ruthless murderer, Mohamad Jonit Adnan – the one who left her no dignity even in DEATH stabbed her more than 30 times with 8 of these being fatal, was guilty of culpable homicide and sentenced to 10 years in jail with no caning. And with deductions, he probably only needs to serve 7 years and he will be a free man again, for what should have been murder. What he deserves should have been the death penalty or at least life imprisonment, is now just 10 years.He escaped the death penalty, life imprisonment and even caning!

In the facebook bio of the murderer, he wrote "wait and see". The murder was clearly premeditated with intention. My sister had applied for Personal Protection Order against this murderer. If she didn't think her life was in danger, would she have done so? He had intention to harm her and was already harming her to the point she ordered a PPO against him.How can this be culpable homicide? He was assessed to have depression. Is this a good enough reason to commit murder??? There was no single bit of remorse on his face during the day of the verdict. His family has never once came to apologise to my parents for their son's crime.

My sister died a cruel death and her murderer will be out of jail in less than 5 years now, with a house that has been fully paid for under his name since my sister is now gone when she was the one who was paying for it. And we, my parents and her children, will need to look for a new place to stay. Now, I am taking care of the children with my mother.

The criminal justice system is unfair. We demand fairness and call on the Judicial System of Singapore to deliver fairness and justice to late Mdm Sri Idayu Ghazali and her family. Please help to sign the petition for the judge to review the sentence given. We are unable to afford a lawyer as we want to save the money for the children's education. If there is any lawyer who can help, please reach out to us. Thank you.