I Stand With the Student Association of SUNY Plattsburgh

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Dear All,

Over the past few days, a lot of issues have been coming to light both on our campus and in our community.  

The administration did not act in a timely manner to address the racist and violent Snapchat image that was floating around, and even when some students did bring it to the administration's attention it was not taken seriously until there was a student protest and resignations were asked of certain people in the administration and other professionals during a public forum.

In this forum, powerful statements were exchanged to protect the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO). When a student stood up and claimed that he is disrespectful to women, further back and forth occurred to protect him.

The CDO then behaved inappropriately, used foul language and made it a very hostile environment as he cursed the student representatives behind him (please review the video which is floating online/streamed live to hear the language). All this created a hostile environment during the forum and distracted from the issue at hand as a high ranking official his duty was to mediate not intimidate.

The intimidating climate that was created by those who are supposed to educate us, made us, as students feel unsafe. The Student Association and some student groups have not only been at the forefront of these issues but have also borne the burden of being a target since they represent those voices that have been shut down and buried under the rug. They are accurately representing those voices that need to be heard and allies, now more than ever.

We brought our concerns to the Student Association representatives who listened to us, and after the forum, we reaffirm our support. Now is the time to back them up thus this petition is a way to show the utmost support to the Student Association who have been by the side of consciousness, sincerity, and integrity. The truth does not seek popularity, it seeks justice and the Student Association is using their channel and their right to seek just that.

In light of various issues and EVERY issue that have been unveiled on our campus, we stand with the Student Association of SUNY Plattsburgh, we stand with their right to present and pass the vote of the no-confidence resolution and we support them as they continue to be strong and not be bogged down by intimidation from anyone. We need our campus to be a safe space.

“The volume of your voice does not increase the validity of your argument.” -Steve Maraboli

This petition is a means of supporting those of us, whose voices have been silenced, but are being supported by the Student Association of SUNY Plattsburgh.


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