U.S. College (SUNY Oneonta) Terrorism Policy

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Chrystal Savage
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October 2, 2019

05:30 PM EST

SUNY Oneonta

New York, 13820

An active shooter threat came to campus. Students were barricading themselves inside classrooms that had no locks. Not all students received the "shelter in place" warning; others were made to continue with their exams. Professors were vastly uneducated and under-prepared, and in some instances, even told their students to "run." The warning alarm sounded after the "all clear" causing students to fear for their lives, running, and ultimately trampling one another. The initial findings of a threat came to campus two hours (now has been corrected by the university to one hour) prior to the warning. Students were denied refuge in cafes and other so called "safe spaces" on campus and others were trapped outside after being let off city transportation on campus. There is only one alarm on campus that cannot be heard in all locations. Local authorities made their way through buildings and, on film, were seen casually passing students, in academic buildings, during a "shelter in place." This is but the tip of the iceberg to a nationwide problem.

Have your opinion on guns, have your opinion on politics, but let students have their safety on campus.

This petition is intended to create more alarms on (the SUNY Oneonta) campus (on EVERY academic or communal building); send notifications to ALL students (even those who have "opted out" of emergency updates) in both the form of text or call, and email; install force locks on ALL academic classrooms and other meeting locations; MANDATORY availability to FREE counseling; academic FLEXIBILITY following such an event (i.e. can't be punished for not attending class the following day, et cetera); REQUIRE that officers key into ALL classrooms prior to the "all clear;" REQUIRE BOTH UPD AND faculty to attend active shooter training; et cetera. More or less, students want a little more genuine care and compassion for their lives, for their security, and for their safety when they are the financial reason that you have yours. 

Think of your pocket book if not your loved ones--This is a human life, not a disposable 100K.