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SUNY Cortland Representatives: Listen to the Community, about the College Students.

Cortland county is home to many residents, those of which have been around and called the city/town their home since they were children.

People have families, and are raising our next generations future. Hoping to bring them into the best possible world they can, with the brightest and most secure mindsets possible.

Although this is our goal, it can be difficult with the surroundings that we have to deal with on certain events, or during certain seasons.. day to day.

SUNY Cortland College is highly known for events like this. Although it may not be the college itself at fault, it is the fault of the students by the greatest standard.

Disrespectful of the townsfolk who have been here years, and not just "temporarily" for their "education", as well as just plain rude.

Students have been known the most for heavy partying, and loud music of which can be considered past the Decibel (Db) limit in some occassions, as well as the "time limit" of which music can be played at that certain limit as well.

Normal citizens I know personally, have had the police called on them for having their "music too loud", yet at the same time they have zero issues with the volume that the students leave their music at.

It can be said that their are many acts of which the students tend to "abuse" (a few such as): 

  • Volume of trash left from partying (with of age and underage persons)
  • Time length/decibel level exceeded of loud sounds/music
  • Harrassment of locals in the area from drunk individuals (assault on minors, etc)
  • Verbal abuse of local parties
  • Property destruction, of land owners and home owners; as well as private property of stores.
  • All around "destructive behavior" that can be considered/listed further

Overall it can be said, that there have been many cases of events that the college kids "slip" out of. Especially, during events such as the "Curtaca Jug".

It can be said that "events" like these, do not dismiss the rules of society, and do not permit such actions that these students portray.

Maybe it is just bureaucracy at it's best, that the police force themselves are just plain not into doing what they have been hired to do.

Maybe because of the economy that these kids bring in, for local bars/restaraunts/etc for the businesses surrounding.

But why allow students who are "temporarily" here, destroy that of which that the people who have spent entire lives here have spent their tax dollars bringing up? Why allow these people, destroy what we have created for our community, just because businesses gain a better economy?

Why allow our town, to be run by college students.

When it should be run by our community, and run by our future children. So they can understand what it means to be a loving/bright community. 

Bring justice, to what it is that our town of Cortland really needs.

We need order, not more liquior and partying. We demand action, as well as results.


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