Stop S&G from selling sun-cream that contains microplastics!

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It's no secret that our oceans are at breaking point with the current state of plastics and microplastics. Despite this the company Sunshine and Glitter have decided to launch a sunscreen containing glitter!
Whilst we all understand that it will take companies time to work out new biodegradable formulas for older products, Sunscreen is a commodity that will come in direct contact with the ocean which makes the decision to launch this product completely unacceptable.
There are many alternatives out there that the company even utilise themselves, their "Gypsy" collection uses only biodegradable glitter - so why make such a damaging choice with their latest product?

This petition is to ask Sunshine & Glitter to remove their NEW Sea Star Sparkle collection from sale until they can exchange the glitter microplastics within for an environmentally friendly alternative.