Sunshine Coast Council - Don't let your flight paths impact our homes and our environment.

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We respectfully request that Sunshine Coast Council strongly advocate on behalf of the families and communities which will be impacted by the proposed flight paths of the new airport runway by:

1. Granting a one month extension of the ASA feedback period on the proposed flight paths to the 31st of May 2019 in order to redress the late or lack of notice to residents of community consultation sessions and the lack of preparedness of ASA to provide appropriate and clear information to residents. 

2. Conducting a comprehensive independent assessment of the social, visual, environmental and economic impacts on all communities north of Mt Coolum who will be seriously and permanently affected by the proposed flight paths. This was not carried out in the 2014 EIS;

3. Conducting an independent study of baseline ambient noise levels and undertaking independent comprehensive air quality baseline measurements of areas beneath and in the environs of the proposed flight paths north of Mt Coolum. This was not carried out in the 2014 EIS;

4. Instruct Air Services Australia to make public their Targeted Environmental Assessment undertaken during proposed flight path development;

5. Instruct Air Services Australia to investigate new flight path options to the north west of the runway to minimise environmental and social impacts to communities to the north of the airport and avoid the Noosa region altogether;

We request that this Petition be presented to the whole of Council at its meeting on the 30th April 2019.