Caloundra 4-levelled petition! Limit buildings to 4 storeys.

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The expansion upwards and outwards of the Caloundra area is disastrous to employment opportunities and in maintaining the integrity of the current community that enjoys the spaces and beaches. High rise, high residential and overflowing, unsustainable estate developments must stop to allow the already lacking job market to develop without thousands of new residents and the destruction of the current social environment and skyline. How can we go solar if everyone is in a high rise apartment, where are the jobs and infrastructure developed?

We need to send a clear community message to the Sunshine Coast Regional Council (and Queensland Government) that this is an urban hub that cannot accommodate the massive expansions envisioned and enforced by Brisbane-centric state politicians and developer influenced councillors. Sign this petition to demand a stop to high rise buildings, high density housing and expansive estate development. The petition will be forwarded to Cr Tm Dwyer the Sunshine Coast Regional Council and Queensland Government's Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, to demand response and action.