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Don’t Rock The Maroochy is a group of concerned locals and visitors to the area who are extremely concerned that the Sunshine Coast Council proposal to replace the existing geotextile bag groynes at Cotton Tree on the south side of the river mouth with rock walls and possibly building a 200m rock wall seaward, will forever change and destroy the natural beauty and enjoyment of the area.

Our group come from all walks of life and believe that Maroochydore’s greatest assets are its beaches and natural river. 

We are not for profit, nor politically aligned or driven by any other agenda other than seeking to not destroy what we all enjoy.

We have spent a couple of months researching the issue and seeking opinions from experienced coastal engineers to back our assertion that and make the case.

This research period has armed us with facts that can’t easily be shot down by council engineers and provided the basis for our submission to the Sunshine Coast Council. 

You can read our submission to council and more about the issue on our web site …

All councillors acknowledged our submission, agreed to open lines of communication and to review any further submissions we send them as more facts come to hand.

We have also met with all councillors, taken them to the area, pointed out the Maroochy River/Cotton Tree area is one of the area’s greatest natural recreational assets and provided them factual information on the downside of changing the way it is, to building rock walls of any kind.

These meetings were cordial and well received by the councillors, which is line with our belief that more can often be achieved through education of an issue and negotiation, than taking an adversarial approach at the outset.

However, if our consultative approach fails to swing enough councillors to vote against the rocking of the Maroochy, we are prepared to adopt a more aggressive approach.

The public consultation period promised by the mayor will be happening soon, so now is the time to ramp up community support and for us to be able to advise our supporters when and where that public consultation will take place, so council realise how many people in the community are against their rock wall proposals.

In matters of community concern, there is strength in numbers, so please sign our petition, tick the box allowing us to email you more information regarding our progress and details of the public consultation process and share it via social media it with all your friends and family.


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